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GetPayment is proud to offer your business the lowest prices on gateways, allowing you to accept payments anywhere with a secure online NMI or payment gateway. Get the best deal for your business without sacrificing functionality.

Trusted by commercial leaders, GetPayment is the low-cost, no-frozen-deposits solution that handles transactions seamlessly, so you can focus on running your business while we take care of the rest.

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GetPayment Quote GetPayment is hands-down the most responsive payments company we’ve worked with. Setup was simple, and we were able to start accepting orders on our site immediately, which is critical with our customer volume.”

-Dave R., Business Owner, New York

Payment Processing Made
Simple with GetPayment

A payment gateway is a service that sends payment information from your business’s website to the customer’s credit card payment networks for processing. The gateway then returns transaction details and responses from the payment networks back to your website so you can finalize the sale.

GetPayment will make sure that you’ll be able to handle all major credit and debit cards so your customers can quickly and efficiently move through your sales process. We help streamline the payment process by communicating directly with your customers’ bank or credit issuer in seconds. Then, we get you paid fast. GetPayment integrates easily with your merchant account so you can accept payments online and on the go - wherever business is happening.

You Get Simplicity
While Your Customers
Get Options

Whether you’re handling high-volume retail, invoicing for small business, or growing your business internationally, GetPayment simplifies the complex payments process to deliver you a one-click way to get paid. We’re trusted by industry leaders to provide:

  • Seamless customer experience: accept payment directly on your website or app
  • Multiple payment options: GetPayment is credit-and-ACH-enabled to allow your customers to choose how they pay
  • Subscription billing for recurring payments
  • Effortless processing: with a click, we communicate with issuing institutions, get your customers’ payments authorized, and get you paid
  • Real transparent pricing without hidden fees
  • Global reach: GetPayment processes 130+ currencies and supports a unified API for cards, debits, banks, and more

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With GetPayment, your business can do so much more than receive funds.

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Mobile is the most often used channel for our customers and we are constantly looking to make the user experience more smooth. GetPayment works great with mobile users and their service instills confidence in the customer’s security.”

-Melissa A., Massachusetts

We’ve never had any problem with the consistency of GetPayment’s performance or the speed of their transfers. They continue to make improvements and add features I didn’t even know I needed until I used them.”

-Bill H., Seattle

GetPayment Testimonials

“We have lots of high value customers from a variety of countries. GetPayment offers our customers many great options for payment, which is so important to the way we do business. It’s really streamlined our business processes and allowed us to continue to grow quickly

-Andre C., London

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At the best rates in the industry, GetPayment handles all the guesswork of payments and receivables, letting you get back to what really matters in your business.

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