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Chargeback alerts give you the unique opportunity to avoid and resolve transaction disputes before they become chargebacks. These alerts not only protect your bottom line, but they help keep your merchant account safe and free from risk of closure. GetPayment offers the most affordable chargeback alert rates in the industry as our team looks out for you 24/7.

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Chargeback alerts are relatively new, and they have changed the world of credit card processing by giving merchants the opportunity to avoid chargebacks. These alerts allow you to communicate with the card issuer before the chargeback is filed, which means you can save your reputation and your merchant account.

Once you’re signed up for GetPayment’s chargeback alerts, you’ll always know when a customer initiates a transaction dispute. Each and every time a dispute is initiated, you’ll receive a notification so you can resolve the issue before it becomes a chargeback. Accruing many chargebacks results in a high chargeback ratio for your business, which can cause your merchant account to be shut down all together.

GetPayment monitors and quickly alerts you about all of your transaction
disputes so you don’t need to worry about sudden, surprise issues with your merchant account.

Benefits of GetPayment’s
Chargeback Alerts

Preventing chargebacks associated with unauthorized transactions or unhappy customers will improve your bottom line and ensure your business’s longevity.

Cost Reduction: By preventing chargebacks, we help you avoid the corresponding fees and recover lost revenue.

Reputation Protection: Keeping chargeback rates low helps ensure the longevity of your merchant account and payment processing abilities.

Fraud Protection: Respond to cardholder inquiries around unrecognized or fraudulent transactions prior to a chargeback.

Business Optimization: Tracking disputes will allow you to improve your business by identifying causes of disputes so you can make adjustments to reduce future chargebacks.

Manual Reviews: We manually review each chargeback alert, ensuring you don't pay for any protection that didn't happen.

Wide Coverage: GetPayment provides a broad chargeback alert network across the United States and Europe.

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Is Your Business
Experiencing Chargebacks?

Whether your business is at low or high risk for chargebacks, it’s vital for you to understand where they are coming from, why they are occuring, what they’re really costing you, and what you can do to stop them. Download our free “Chargeback Reduction Guide” for quick tips on how to reduce or prevent chargebacks and save your merchant account.

How GetPayment’s Chargeback Alerts Work

Preventing chargebacks isn’t a once-a-month task or a small event that takes place at a single point in time on a
regular basis. GetPayment continuously monitors and intercepts “bad” transactions even after they’ve been approved to
protect your business against product losses and chargeback fees.

Payment Processing

Once you resolve the dispute with your customer - oftentimes in the form of a refund - the chargeback process will be stopped.
Your credit card issuer will not need to alert your credit card processor, and will end up simply dropping the dispute. This means you are
protecting your merchant account, you avoid fees from your credit card processor, no funds are withdrawn from your bank account and held in escrow by the processor, and you don’t spend tons of time fighting chargebacks.

Could Cost You
Your Entire Business

The biggest credit card networks track the number of chargebacks you receive. If they decide you’ve received too many chargebacks, your business will be deemed "excessively risky." If you are labeled high risk (at their full discretion), limits may be placed on your monthly processing volume and your funds may be put on hold to be used for ongoing chargeback fees and customer refunds.

Your merchant account may even be terminated due to chargebacks, making it nearly impossible to get a new merchant account with another bank.

This could mean the end of your business all together.

Direct Costs of Chargebacks

  • Lost Merchandise
  • Chargeback Fees
  • Shipping Costs
  • Credit Card Penalties
  • High Transaction Fees
  • Merchant Account Termination
  • Operational Costs

Hidden Costs of Chargebacks

  • Manual Reviews
  • Wasted Labor
  • Lowered Bank Authorization Rates
  • Opportunity Costs
  • Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Customer Friction

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