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Unlike other merchant solutions, GetPayment makes sure you never worry about business deposits getting frozen or confiscated. As your partner, we set you up for success with a dedicated merchant account the moment we begin working together. Our team then works around the clock to make sure your deposits keep flowing as you keep growing.

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We’ll be in touch to perform a free analysis to create the most successful, custom merchant solution for your business.

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GetPayment Will Always Support your pace of growth.

The stories are true. Business owners have woken up to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business deposits becoming randomly frozen for months at a time, leaving them helpless and unable to continue. Companies like Stripe take shortcuts when setting up businesses to accept payments, so you don’t actually have the control that you deserve. If they decide that your fast growth feels too risky for them, they can freeze - or worse, shut down - your business whenever they want. Don’t let that happen to you.

If growing quickly and knowing you’ll always have access to your business’s deposited funds is important to you, GetPayment is the partner you need. Our team understands the difficulties that businesses face as they scale, and we’ve seen what happens when people do not prepare before driving more meaningful revenue. We’ll start by getting you a shortcut-free, worry-free merchant a ccount, and then we’ll continue to take care of your business 24/7.

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There are many reasons why the vast majority of eCommerce companies absolutely hate traditional payment processors - but they love to “Get Payments!” Ranging from unnecessary fees to inflexible practices and lack of support, you should always know what to watch out for when working with payment processors. We cover the biggest issues and red flags in our ebook - get your copy for free today!

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By partnering with GetPayment, you’ll breathe easy knowing that our team is continuously working to ensure your earned revenue is safe, and your business can continue to grow.

Unlike other merchant solutions, we’ll make sure your deposits will never be frozen or confiscated.

  • As part of your extended team, we’ll provide you with chargeback
    protection and help with mitigating any fraud attempts.
  • Our team will work around the clock to keep your business protected,
    and will be available 24/7 to support your business.
  • GetPayment’s #1 priority is to keep you moving forward, so we provide
    multiple software integrations with most major CRMs and marketing automation tools.

Most payment processors and merchant services take shortcuts when they set you up to accept online payments.

It’s not until they randomly freeze your account in the middle of a growth spike that you find out they’ve taken shortcuts and left you without a dedicated merchant account. GetPayment provides you with a dedicated merchant account so you never have to worry about losing the money you’ve worked so hard to earn.

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Here’s How to Get Started with GetPayment

  • 1We’ll provide you with a FREE merchant account analysis consultation call. This will help us learn about your business and find the perfect solution to keep you moving forward. The information we collect will then be used to create an application for your dedicated merchant account.
  • 2Within 4-12 hours, we will be back in touch with an approval! We believe in transparency, so all of our flat-rate pricing will be clearly laid-out. No surprises, no shortcuts.
  • 3You’re ready to go! You can begin integrating your new merchant account wherever you collect payments, knowing that each transaction will come through securely. We’ll make sure of it.


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I never thought I had to worry about "growing too fast" until my deposit account was frozen out of nowhere. It’s crazy that no one talks about the shortcuts some merchant solutions take… No more taking chances for us. Working with GetPayment has kept us moving forward and feeling confident every step of the way. We can focus on the most important parts of our business because we know GetPayment is taking care of the rest.” - Mike P.


Accept as many retail, mobile, virtual terminal, or eCommerce payments as you can generate, while knowing you’ll never be slowed down because of your payment processor.

GetPayment Retail


Retail businesses can choose from a traditional credit card terminal, wireless, or point of sale system. Whatever you choose, our retail merchant accounts will have you accepting credit and debit cards faster, and for less.


Want "on the go" mid or high risk credit card processing? Our mobile pay options are for you. Choose between iPad or mobile phone credit card swipers, compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

GetPayment Mobile
GetPayment Virtual


Accepting payments over the phone, mail or typed in on your laptop is easy with our virtual terminal merchant accounts. No equipment needed. Just log in to your virtual terminal, and type in the customer's credit card.


Selling online? Our easy to use payment gateways are compatible with, and simply plug in to most major shopping carts. Our mid and high risk merchant accounts are streamlined for eCommerce businesses.

GetPayment eCommerce

Complete Confidence as You Grow.
Take Control of Your Cashflow.

We’ll make sure you’re never in a situation where you're punished for growing too quickly. GetPayment gives you a head start and then blocks and tackles to clear your way.