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Business owners have woken up to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business deposits becoming randomly frozen for months at a time, leaving them helpless and unable to continue. Companies like Stripe take shortcuts when setting up businesses to accept payments, so if anything goes wrong, you’re left high and dry waiting to someday hear back from customer support.

  • If growing quickly & knowing you’ll always have access to your business’s deposited funds is important to you, GetPayment is the partner you need.
  • Our team understands the difficulties that businesses face as they scale, & we’ve seen what happens when people do not prepare before driving more meaningful revenue.

We’ll start by getting you a shortcut-free, worry-free merchant account, & then
we’ll continue to take care of your business 24/7.

Is Your Business
Experiencing Chargebacks?

Whether your business is at low or high risk for chargebacks, it’s vital for you to understand where they are coming from, why they are occuring, what they’re really costing you, and what you can do to stop them. Download our free "Chargeback Reduction Guide" for quick tips on how to reduce or prevent chargebacks and save your merchant account.

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Worry-Free Processing For
High Risk Merchants

Accept online payments and have peace of mind knowing each payment will be deposited into your bank account without trouble.

Merchant Gateways

We have a gateway that plugs into whatever shopping cart you are using! We offer NMI and Authorize with your payment processing solutions.

Chargeback Mitigation

ACH/E-Checking Processing

Fraud Prevention

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Why Choose Get Payment
High Risk Processing

Banks, Processors and Acquirers consider a merchant account "High Risk" because the High Risk Merchant Account poses either reputational risk or is prone to chargebacks.

GetPayment will get you approved today for a low or high risk merchant account at the most competitive rates.

  • 99% Approval Rate

  • No Application & Set Up Free

  • No Contracts & Fine Print

  • All Credit Types - OK

  • Fast 24 Hour Approval

  • Chargeback Prevention

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  • Dedicated Merchant Account
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  • Dedicated Account Team
  • Built-In Fraud Protection
  • Dynamic Interchange Rates
  • Powerful Crm
  • Localized Support
  • Online Payments Support

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First class, Excellent service, GetPayment was brilliant! They got me a great deal would recommend to everyone to use to get the best deal for my online store. They also helped me integrate my processing with a shopify compatible payment gateway.

Frederik R.

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GetPayment went thru everything with me step by step, answered all my questions and made it a really easy process, they managed to get me a merchant account with next day funding and no reserve!

Jordan L.

Verified Customers

GetPayment helped me fix my chargeback issues by introducing me to chargeback alert tools. They also reduced my high-risk payment processing fee and helped increase conversions. They are a pleasure to work with.

Shelly C.

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* We happily accept merchants processing any amount. Price guarantee for merchants processing $10,000 or more per month. Free terminals and other promotions depend on processing volume, credit and qualifications.