High Risk Merchant

Finding Merchant Accounts For High Risk Businesses

Finding a merchant account which meets your needs can be difficult if you’re a high risk business. Banks and merchant providers are businesses in their own right, and as a result they are looking to reduce their own amount of risk. This means that those who are in industries which are considered high risk, may find it hard to identify the best outlet for their payment processing needs.

What is a High Risk Merchant?

High risk merchant accounts are hard to come by, but not impossible. A high risk merchant often involves those who deal in e-commerce. We have years of experience of providing high risk gateway services to such businesses, as well as credit card processing too.

To help you identify whether you’re considered to be in the ‘high risk’ bracket, the label is often characterized by:

Businesses in the start up phase, who are lacking in history of processing credit cards

Specific industries which often have traditionally high amounts of returns or chargebacks

Products which are based on subscriptions, such as magazines or online dating services

Businesses which has been bankrupt in the past, or has a history of bad credit

A business which has had a merchant account terminated in the past by a bank

Business which are characterized by high amount of volume, e.g. the nutraceutical industry

If you are in this bracket, do not worry. We offer high quality high risk payment processing for businesses just like yours, including CBD payment processing, nutraceuticals, online dating, the adult industry, online casino gaming, technical support, to name just a few.

Why Choose Our High Risk Payment Processing and Accounts Services

Put simply, we believe that every business which is considered high risk deserves to have the same level of service as those which aren’t in that category. For instance, a nutra merchant account shouldn’t be difficult to obtain, yet it can be extremely hard for many businesses. That isn’t what we believe in, and that exact account is something we could offer you.

We continue to expand our business and offer more high risk merchants the services they need. We feel that every business, whether e-commerce or otherwise, is distinctly different, and that every business also has needs which are just as individual.

The benefits of our free merchant account services include:

An increase in acquiring banking options - We have a long history of working with acquiring banking business, both international and domestic. We can help you find the best fit for your business.

Secure banking - We offer 3D secure, which protects business from fraudulent crime. This is an ever increasing occurrence these days, but 3D secure is something which will help protect your business against a serious threat. We also work with SSL certification methods.

Complying With Major Credit Card Guidelines - Visa and MasterCard and other major credit cards all have guidelines which need to be met, and we tick that box.

Services in Several Currency Options - We offer high risk merchant accounts in more than one currency; this is something which is vital for many e-commerce companies these days.

International High Risk Merchant Options Available - Our offshore or international merchant trading accounts offer less restrictions on your trading, as well as the possibility of a beneficial tax situation.

Quality Customer Services - We offer customer support from Monday to Friday, giving you quality advice whenever you need it.

Give us a call today and let us find the ideal high risk merchant account for your business.

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