CBD - Credit Card Processing

E-Commerce CBD Processing Now Available

Any business who has spent time searching for a CBD merchant account will know how difficult it can be. CBD payment processing is not easy to come by, but not impossible!

In order to understand the reasons for this, we first need to understand what the CBD industry is.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and this is often oil. This comes from the plant cannabis, and it has recently been legalized in many different countries and states for medical use. Medical CBD contains low amount of THC, which is known to give the ‘high’ which cannabis has been known for many years, and as a result it gives users many health benefits, including reduction in pain, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea.

Because of the stigma attached to CBD oil, and also because not everywhere in the world has yet legalized it, there is still some difficulty in finding a credit card gateway or a merchant account for these types of businesses. The processing of a payment related to CBD can therefore be difficult for some businesses to find.

Why is The CBD Industry Considered High Risk?

Businesses which deal with CBD and also with hemp oil often find it hard to find credit card processing or a Shopify payment gateway, because their industry is closed as high risk. Also, many merchants do not want to deal with payments which are connected to CBD, because of the reputation that is attached to it in terms of recreational use. There is the hope that this will change now CBD is being used more and more for medical use, but for now, this continues to be a high risk payment processing area.

For a reputable business however, this is a major problem. Not being able to accept credit cards or other forms of e-commerce payments causes a major headache for businesses who want to grow and expand sales to new customers. Finding a free merchant account which allows for all of this to happen is therefore vital. That’s where we come in!

A business doing honest work doesn’t need to worry if their account is going to be closed with their current merchant, or whether they’re going to have to find help with a company who is less than reputable. For that reason, we can offer you a high risk merchant account which gives you flexibility and reliability as standard. We have years of experience, and we are a name your can trust.

Why? Here are a few reasons:

We are happy to deal with start ups as well as more long-term businesses

We also specialize in obtaining merchant processing for cannabis dispensaries

We deal with countless currencies across the world

We allow MOTO payments using a virtual terminal

We provide businesses with both a gateway and a merchant account

We have full customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We give the highest quality of fraud protection

We allow billing on a recurrent basis

We offer a range of different reporting tools for transactions made

Prior to being accepted we will ask several questions and ask for evidence of your business. From there, once approved, you’re free to use your high risk merchant account right away.

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