Adult Merchant Account

Merchant Accounting Solutions For Your Adult Niche Business

You are probably already aware that businesses specializing in the adult niche can often find it difficult to identify a reliable and high quality credit card processing and overall merchant account for accepting payments via online means. E-commerce overall is an area which is considered high risk by merchant accounting services, but we are on hand to solve that problem for you.

If you are currently in the adult entertainment business, be it via streaming, toys, online dating, escort businesses, or clubs, we can offer you an adult merchant payment account, which gives you a reliable and high quality solution to this very problem at hand.

About Our Adult Merchant Accounts

As the adult entertainment industry is considered a high risk payment processing area, you need to find the ideal company to help you traverse these difficult waters. Our adult merchants accounts allow you to accept credit card sales, as well providing you with a Shopify payment gateway you can trust. We also allow your customers to purchase items from your business using a gift card. This allows customers to purchase anonymously, which is sometimes a consideration in this industry. This is all done by a widget which is installed on your payment page and redirects to the purchase of a gift card on the Apple, Amazon, Target, or Walmart page. Once this is purchased, the widget converts it to the original purchase and the merchant receives their cash, either in regular form or in a cryptocurrency.

This is just one additional extra which gives our high risk merchant account services the edge. We offer a range of different high risk gateway products, so simply contact us to discuss which is best suited to you. You will be asked to provide us with the following information:

Between three to six months of statements pertaining to payment processing, which clearly states the name of your company, as well as information on returns, refunds, chargebacks, and the total amount of sales made.

Three months of statement of your business banking endeavours.

Approval takes anywhere between five days to two weeks, depending upon the amount of detail we require from you.

If you require an offshore adult merchant account and you are a start up business, we will ask for three months of your business bank account statements, with the same approval time expected.

We also offer a domestic account and a virtual check account, which both require additional information, so simply give us a call to explain our requirements and processing times.

Fees Related to Our Adult Merchant Accounts

The fees charged to your merchant account will depend upon a few different areas, so again, give us a call to discuss exact numbers. To give you an idea, your fees will depend upon your business history, whether you are in the high or low risk bracket, and your predicted sales amount.

From there you will be charged an account fee, a transaction fee, a registration fee, a rate on discounts, as well as a fee every month on your statement, and fees for refunds and chargebacks. These rates are all highly competitive, to give you the best package available.

Give us a call today to discuss your options in more detail, and look forward to an easier business transaction process from now on!

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